Make Web TV! is a production initiative that aims to assist MRC members develop, produce and market an original webseries, for online delivery.

This year the MRC funded 3 original web-series.

The MRC will offer ongoing series script development and mentorship throughout the period of production.

Pitches for potential webseries can be in any recognised online genre (eg, skit comedy, review, soap, drama, ‘how to’, sitcom, ed-con, factual, doco, mash-up, voxpop, ‘rant’, etc)

Webseries must employ a serial narrative structure which incorporates returnable elements (ie, episodes progressively ‘linked’ through theme, plot or character and delivering some pattern of closure, as opposed to ‘one-off’ individual uploads.)

Please contact the MRC if you require further definition of terms prior to application.

Please call 8410 0979 or email for more information.

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