TradeFilms 2008

TradeFilms is a partnership between Austrade – the lead federal government agency for facilitating export trade for business and the Media Resource Centre.

This unique initiative brought three teams of emerging screen industry practitioners together with a dozen South Australian small to medium sized enterprises – to create innovative screen based advertising campaigns which showcase these local businesses to Australia and the world.

For 10 months, three teams of young creatives worked closely with four local businesses each to develop a diverse collection of marketing materials. The final 12 campaigns were premiered on October 21 at an exclusive screening event at the Mercury Cinema.

Stay tuned for details of the initiative in 2009.


Sam King and Dario Russo constitute the brains and brawn behind Reasonable Media. Together they strive to shatter the boundaries of corporate and commercial media as we know it, creating hard-hitting, edgy and contemporary work across a range of platforms. International media magazine, Young Media Today! has touted the duo as “An unstoppable flow of volcanic multi media talent, the likes of which has not been seen since Dante’s Peak.” High praise indeed…


For Closer Media the TradeFilms initiative gave the fledgling company the chance to respond to the media needs of the business world in a fresh, dynamic and unconventional manner. Whether it was using organic music and untamed editing for Sealink, pin sharp stop motion cinematography for Reschke, wild Australian imagery for Rossi or underground webcam video campaign for Rocket Reader; Closer Media were able to meet the needs of each company and produce four stimulating and inspiring videos. The Closer Media team consists of Nick Butchart and Miles Rowland with Emily Brindal, Mark Dohring and Aslan Mesbah.


General Film Co is a newly established Adelaide production company that has completed a diverse range of film projects. Their work includes award winning short films, innovative documentaries and cutting edge promotional videos in industries as varied as horse racing, architecture, fashion and education. With Tom Young producing, David Scarborough editing and Kirsty Stark behind the camera, General Film Co are a strong collaborative team ready to take on any media challenge that may be thrown at them.

Supervising Producer: Judi Oehme


Le Cordon Bleu (4mins)

Le Cordon Bleu Australia educates over 2,000 students each year in a wide range of culinary arts, hospitality management, and gastronomy programs. This series of students and graduates personal stories showcase the diversity of students that attend the course in Adelaide.

Little Potty Red Shoes (2 mins)

A showcase of the Little Potty Red Shoes fashion label, in a range of beautiful locations around South Australia. The video will be used to promote the brand within the fashion industry both in Australia and internationally.

Steriline Racing (1min 30)

A short high octane video showcasing Steriline’s world leader status as manufacturer of racing gates for racetracks around the globe.

Swanbury Penglase Architects (3 mins 30)

Referring to themselves as architects of human space, the General Film Co produced a sophisticated corporate video showcasing some of the innovative work of this high end firm with a suitable level of gloss belying the miniscule production budget.


Zork (1 min)

A narrative live action viral promotion for Zork wine closures for online distribution. A young couple return home from a night on the town and get physical with a corked wine bottle, if only they knew that with Zork it’s much easier to get it off….

Fox Creek Wines (1min)

A short promotional video featuring a group of animal wine makers (represented as Jim Henson style puppets) competing to see who has the most delicious wine. Fox of Fox Manor trumps the gathering by travelling around the world in 80 days thereby proving his wine is the most delicious in the land.

Pfitzner Performance Gearbox (1min 30secs)

The Australian owned and operated Pfitzner performance gearbox produce global standard gear sets for us in race, rally and street – the short promotional video shows the high quality of the product.

Act Natural Dog Treats (3 mins)

Short infomercial style video explaining the health benefits that Act Natural dog treats provide over regular dog snacks.


Reschke Wines – (1min)

Featuring pin sharp stop motion cinematography this short promotional video puts across an aspirational message for Reschke consumers.

Sealink – (3 mins)

Incorporating some pre-existing footage with newly shot material and using a specially composed organic music track and untamed editing resulted in an inspiring vision of Sealink services from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island.

Rocket Reader – 4mins 30 secs (teaser only)

Closer Media created a 20 part innovative underground webcam video series for Rocket Reader – an excursion into branded content rather than traditional advertising featuring two half baked office workers Roger and George. We feature a teaser of the series only.

Rossi Boots (3mins)

Wild Australian imagery across South Australia was captured by the Closer team creating an inspiring vision of Rossi Boots in all contexts – on the land, in kitchens, at home and out on the town. A much loved corporate video already finding wide distribution in the US and around Australia.

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