File Open MPG Production Initiative 2009

Do YOU have a script for a short film that’s been previously rejected? Maybe you have a great idea for a short film BUT have never applied for funding? Or perhaps you are just waiting for a second chance to finally make THAT film and be discovered?

If so then File Open is for you!

File Open aims to assist MRC members to develop and produce a short film of up to 10 minutes. It is now open to both first-time applicants who have yet to receive funding from any Screen Development Agency, as well as those who have previously submitted projects for production investment but were unsuccessful.

Up to three (3) films will be provided with $3,000 worth of in-kind investment to be used on MRC equipment and facilities hire. The MRC will also provide continued script development for all successful applications.

The finished films will be screened at the Mercury Cinema in early 2010.


Application Form

Deadline: 5pm, Wednesday 18 November 2009.

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