Digital Animation Initiative 08

The initiative provides three emerging animation teams with the training, mentors, resources and $2500 in cash to make a low budget short film in a real industry environment.

Sponsored by the South Australian Film Corporation and the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology with industry support from Rising Sun Pictures, Monkeystack and the People’s Republic of Animaiton.
Stay tuned for details of the initiative in 2009.


When a science experiment goes wrong, Andy believes he has gained super powers and sets about defending justice in the schoolyard. But after realising he’s not as super as he first thought, Andy discovers what makes a real hero.
Team: Tim Cannan, Levi George, Johnny Cousins, Sam Williams, Scott Wright
Animation: 2D Characters, 3D background/foreground elements.
Mentor: The People’s Republic of Animation


A modern-day gothic fairy tale tells the story of Pali, a young boy lured into the deep dark forest despite the warnings of his grandfather, Alim.
Team: John Willanski, Emily Brindal, Steven Ready, Alex Brindal, Colin Zammit, Anna Kotoousova
Animation: 2D cutout (Ink Rain technique).
Mentor: Monkeystack


Rolf the monkey finds himself stuck in a big city and struggles to adjust to his new surroundings.
Team: Roy Masterman, Bill Northcott, David Smith, Heath Dingle
Animation: Hybrid 2D/3D.
Mentor: Rising Sun Pictures

Supervising Producer: Hugh Nguyen

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