A Teams 08

In 2008 the Media Resource Centre partnered with the Office for Youth to facilitate 6 teams of young people from a variety of backgrounds (the A Teams) to work with Adelaide Thinker in Residence, Dr. Geoff Mulgan to develop ideas for the future of South Australia.

Each team was then given an objective from the South Australian Strategic Plan and asked to develop a single ‘idea for the future’ around this objective which had to be backed up with a rational strategy as to how it could be fulfilled.

These strategies were then manifested as a policy document, artwork and a short film. Manifesting these strategies over a variety of platforms reflected the socially innovative nature of the project.

The A-Team concluded with a presentation of the project at the History and Future of Social Innovation Conference at the University of SA on Friday 20 June. Over 2000 copies of the final films were distributed to government, education, non government and industry groups. A number of the policy recommendations have since been implemented by the government.

This initiative will not be run in 2009.

Supervising Producer: Martin Potter

Improving Wellbeing

Stop and smell the roses

Tim Cannans animation brings to life the practical outcomes the Improving Wellbeing team would like to see delivered through their policy ideas.

The animation shows that whilst driving from place to place can be fast, it is a lonely, unhealthy exercise but if we take time to stop and smell the roses, our lives can be enriched.

Dir: Tim Cannan

Attaining Sustainability


Young filmmakers David Scarborough, Kirsty Stark, and Tom Young want you to imagine a time when South Australia lies lifeless and barren. The only sign of life is an endless line of people who wait patiently at an isolated water well for their share of the last remaining water source. Who will make the change and decide to give back to the environment?

This film presents a frightening portrayal of a future where South Australias eco-debt has reached its limit and the environment is struggling to support humankind; it looks like all hope is lost or is it?

Dir: David Scarborough, Kirsty Stark, and Tom Young

Building communities

Building communities

David Salomans film reflects on the process experienced by the Building Communities A-Team as they work through the process and come up with policy ideas for South Australias future. Throughout this process, team members have individually distilled ideas that are most deserving of promotion. The sculpture created by A-Team artist, Stephnie Wilton, provides the central image for the film, both as points of view and as a whole.

Dir: Nunga TV, David Saloman

Fostering creativity and innovation

Ideas, and Innovation

We are all connected, able to share our talents and cultivate creativity and innovation. It is a �thread� that connects our potential.

Sylvia Warmer, Carly Turner, Simone Mazengarb, and Bowen Ellames� film sees the thread grow from the mind of one individual. The thread travels out from the seclusion of an individual personality. Importantly, the idea starts with an ordinary individual, empowering that person.

This thread illustrates how existing innovative programs and events in South Australia can evolve to include the ideas of individual South Australians, allowing broad community involvement.

Dir: Bowen Ellames

Growing Prosperity


On 18 April 2008, young artist and filmmaker Michael Yuen paid rock band Mere Theory to follow him for an evening. He went about his usual business: meeting with friends, eating dinner and having coffee. The rock band was under no special instruction other than to follow.

Prosperity has traditionally been linked to high economic growth and Yuen’s work explores many ideas around what is meaningful work, what constitutes leadership, and poses questions around the capitalisation of labour in different cultures.

Ultimately Follow poses more questions than offering answers.

Dir: Michael Yuen

Expanding Opportunity 6: Expanding Opportunity

Creating an opportunity profiterole

Matt Vesely is obsessed with food. Especially desserts. The profiterole is a particularly tricky dessert to create.

Matt�s film uses the creation of a profiterole as the basis for a clear metaphor that unpacks some of the processes that policy makers, governments and the wider community must observe when endeavouring to create an expand opportunity for a truly representative and democratic experience of a vibrant and cohesive society.

Dir: Matt Vesely


A Teams Documentary

The documentary provides an overview of the ideas and process behind the A Teams and their innovative pathway to developing policy informed by a diverse cross section of young people.

Producer: The Cutting Room, David Ngo
Director: Katrina Lucas

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