It's All About Acting

The Media Resource Centre is excited to announce the recipients of the first ever It’s All About Acting initiative. The selected short film will receive a $10,000 cash budget and $7,500 worth of in-kind equipment from the MRC, along with invaluable casting support from Heesom Casting.

The MRC was overwhelmed with the quality of projects submitted intially with seven films shortlisted to take part in an intensive casting workshop with Angela Heesom on September 7. On September 15, an industry led committee met and decided to develop and fund the short script “Nuts” by emerging filmmaker Lucy Campbell.

Writer/Director: Lucy Campbell
Producer: Sophie Morgan.
Director of Photography: Claire Bishop
Editor: Peter Ninos

A meek and alienated office worker’s peaceful lunch break is shattered when an obnoxious punk eats his peanuts. Fed up with being bullied, he decides to stand up against the punk and in doing so, descends into a violent, psychotic rage.

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