2016 Workshop Program

The new workshop program builds on the key themes of the MRC’s sell-out July 2015 New Screen Makers Conference, which aimed to assist the next generation to find their feet quickly. These themes are how to find, develop and tell a story engaging to an audience on a variety of platforms and how to build the entrepreneurial skills and business models to traverse an ever changing screen landscape.

A clear audience favourite from the conference – Cracking Yarns’ Allen Palmer – returns to hold numerous sessions in scriptwriting, pitching and story development while screen producer and social media guru Kath McIntyre heads up the Ideas Generation Club helping you to develop the ideas which will get traction with funders, audiences and distributors.

Later in the program, local producer Kristy Stark takes participants through the critical thinking and skills you need as you build your track record as a successful film producer and the Lean Business Filmmaking Workshop teaches exactly what is needed to start up a screen business that will grow with your career.

This rich program is modestly priced to allow aspiring filmmakers from all walks of life to be able to attend the workshops, which will strengthen their practice.

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